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Success Stories 

Over the last 15 years, Dream High has worked with a host of businesses delivering 1-1 support to help businesses grow and overcome any challenges. Here we have complied some success stories so you can get a better feel for who we are and what we do.

Plant Vegan Shop Logo.jpeg_1597348438.png

Plant Vegan 

Denise Joshi from Plant Vegan 14, had been developing her business as a zero waste self serve shop. With the help of Dream High, we managed to help her get on the right track, helping her define her idea, identify her customer, fine-tune her products as well as understand her competition. 

Despite the outbreak of Covid -19, and with thanks to our team, Denise opened her store in September as  “an independent vegan business with an ethos to stock, promote and support other independent vegan businesses.”

"Many many thanks to your help and support as I would not have had the confidence to reach out
to the businesses I am now working with, it’s appreciated." - Denise Joshi

Marcus Swale Photography 

Marcus is a content creator and photographer who helps business share their story and their brand message.

Dream High supported Marcus during the early stages of his career, helping him develop his idea and his business. We offered support and guidance regarding the legality of running a photography based business as well as offering support with managing finance  and HMRC self-employment process. 

We continue to support Marcus as his business grows. 


"Debbie was brilliant for me, She helped me focus and understand the paperwork that I was so
daunted by. Massive help thank you” - Celia MacDonald

For Dogs Sake Treats 

For Dog's Sake, is a pet curated business run by Celia MacDonald. Prior to our support Celia had been drawing pet portraits and making treats for friends and family's pets. As her business grew she reached out to Dream High for support and guidance to formalise her business and register with the necessary Food Standard Agencies to allow her to sell her dog treats.


Dream High helped Celia to reach the market further, helping her connect with a number of key businesses as well as guiding her through the registration process to help get her business market-ready. 

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