Profile: Maggie Mullan

Position: Panel Member

Why did you become a Dream High panel member?

My involvement with Dream High resulted from one of life's coincidental events. As a graduate of Common Purpose I attended a business breakfast where Peter Morton, then Business Liverpool, gave the keynote speech. Although my recollection is patchy I was moved and completely inspired by his talk about which changed his life - Ripples from the Zambezi. The concept that true sustainable regeneration and economic growth can be nurtured from within our poorest communities by identifying and supporting business ideas at grass roots level rather than imposing public sector, outputs driven grand plan was completely new to me - I'd almost go as far to say it was a bit of a 'road to Damascus' moment for me.

As luck (or life!) would have it shortly afterwards I had a call from Phil Linley and the penny dropped. I had just returned to work after my second maternity leave and wanted to contribute something to the city I called home and to the communities my children were growing up in but as a working mother I don't have a huge amount of time. Dream High has inspired me - cynicism has no place in this initiative and it's given me a new perspective on the future. I hope Claire and the Dream High team know that I'm on the end of the phone if they ever need me and I'm always willing to help when I can.

I'm so convinced of the importance of Dream High and the other Sirolli projects in the city that I want to remain involved. When I look around the table at the panel meetings and see the level of commitment from the community and from the public and private sectors and also seeing Claire in action I can't help but be enthused and excited by the confidence in and hope fro the future that Sirolli has brought to Liverpool. I'm very proud to be part of it.