Enid Bristow

Position: Director, Panel Member, Community member extraordinaire

How did you get involved in Dream High and what is your involvement?

Helping people pursue their dreams and ambitions for a new business, shop. I help direct the project and attend the panel for lunch etc, have a bite to eat and help putting their [business] dream into focus.

What has been your experience of Dream High?

5 years with the project. I think its a good project and we have helped lots of people pursue their dreams.

How do you think it impacts on the community/clients?

I'm not sure the community understand it. You have got to get involved to get it. Its very good and must help in the long run. People get the knowledge to work with and get an understanding of business - even if they don't use it straight away, its still of benefit to them.

What do you et personally get out of your involvement?

The enjoyment of meeting people and hearing what clients get out of it. I love talking to people and been involved in the community. I enjoy it!