Councillor Louise Baldock

Position: Panel Member

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How did you get involved in Dream High and what is your involvement?

I was invited to supper at a local cultural and arts organisation, Metal , soon after I was first elected as a Councillor. This supper was designed to introduce some key gate keepers in the area to Clare Chang, the Enterprise Facilitator. I have been engaged ever since, probably 3 or 4 years now.

What has been your experience of Dream High?

I engage with Dream High primarily as a panel member, I sit and help contribute to the brain storming sessions that we have about how to help entrepreneurs over hurdles, and from time to time I introduce the facilitator to potential clients or people who may know potential clients.

How do you think it impacts on the community/clients?

I think that it is vitally important that we encourage self employment in an area of high unemployment. We need local people to be empowered to set up their own businesses and perhaps take on others, into the business, in the longer term, where there are few regular employment opportunities. Dream High really helps with this.

What do you get personally get out of your involvement?

I enjoy meeting the panel members, networking, putting them in touch with people who they may be able to work with. I see a lot of my role as a councillor as instigating connections and this helps a lot with that. I also enjoy helping the clients, passing on contacts, thoughts and ideas about their business. It is a great organisation.