Artist follows his dream and starts successful business

Name: Tom Donohue

A Liverpool entrepreneur has followed his childhood dreams by setting up his own business for displaying and selling his artwork.

Tom Donohue was helped by enterprise support group Dream High to help set up his business ‘Tomsart’. He now has work displayed at a variety of exhibitions including the Biennial exhibition, Penny Lane Development Trust and the Bridge House Arts in Kent.

Dream High helped the established artist expand and develop his work and improve his marketing and networking skills.

Tom supplies his artwork of fine pencil, Indian ink and colour portrait artwork to regular private clients. He has limited edition prints displayed at numerous exhibitions in large public galleries, independent art studios and cultural outlets.

He is also doing the illustrations for a successful independent magazine called ‘Object of Dreams’ and his pictures are displayed on t-shirts.

Tom said: “I have always had a passion for art since childhood and through out my life and commissioned work on and off for years. Recently, I decided to be more serious and focused about my ambition to follow my passion and become a serious and dedicated artist.”

Tom used the help of Dream High to turn his dreams into a reality, he said: “Dream High has given me the support and contacts to help me have my own business. They have put me in touch with invaluable contacts like David Parrish who displayed my artwork on his t-shirts.”

He added: “The panel impressed me from the word go with the professionalism, dedication and support.”

Dream High enterprise facilitator Claire Chang said: “Tom has so much passion about art as well as lots of determination and a positive outlook on life, which is why I believe he deserves to succeed and I am so happy his new business is thriving.”