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Client feedback

"It has provided a vehicle for many contacts." - David Latham

"Dream High arranged for us to receive external feedback on our Business Plan. We are now planning for a large capital redevelopment." - Gaynor McKnight

"Samrat Indian Restaurant was a partnership firm of three partners. We had certain management disputes and I was excluded from business through intimidation and coercion. I sought the advice of Dream High on how to come out of the mess. Their advice was absolutely honest , down to earth, realistic and practical. Even if the meeting lasted only for one hour , it was really a quality time. They gave us an insight into the funding patters and the modus operandi of Dream High and its objectives. As was decided then, in order to move forward, I was advised to follow certain course of actions. To begin with to make a business plan. I was sent a specimen business plans and they helped me to draft if. The specimens were immensely helpful to make a draft of the business plan. I am waiting to re organise my self ( financially and time wise ) to go forward. I need your help and support. Dream High has been of immense help to me and my wife while we were going through an absolutely unexpected time of our life. My sincere thanks to Claire and Dream High." - Thampi Jose

"Very pleased with the effort put in and the help received." - Ray Dove

Panel feedback

A sample of the answers we received from you...

How do you think we could improve the service offered by Dream High?

"Attending more functions, networking and running success stories in local newspapers." - Neal Maxwell, Aztec Interiors


How do you think we should raise awareness of Dream High?

"Roadshows at strategic places and times. Sponsor a business fair once a year. Members creating opportunities." - Dave Latham


How can we help you fulfil your commitment to make introductions?

"Send an email every month." - Lisa Shearwood-Vingoe & Louise Baldock