Join Us

This is a community project run by the community for the community. Over the last 6 years we have seen the power of community, as people come together and share their knowledge. Whatever your background and whether big or small, the information and knowledge you have, may hold the key; that 'golden nugget' of information to get an aspiring business over a particular hurdle. Do you have good connections within the Liverpool community?

Some Statistics up to September 2012:

  • Total Number of people helped: 1000+
  • Existing business helped: 700+
  • New business starts: 200+
  • New Jobs Created: 450

Would you like to give something back to the people and businesses help aspiring businesses to help regenerate Liverpool?

Do you remember the struggle you, a friend or family member has had trying to run a successful businesss?

How can you help?

1) Volunteer 2 hours a month to attend a 'brainstorming' session to solve the issues a business may have.

2) Offer our facilitator your contact details. Debbie may call on you for advice to help an aspiring business develop the same knowledge and skill set you possess.

3) Donate some money to keep the project running so we can help more people survive in business and regenerate Liverpool.

Why Join Us

Ten good reasons why you consider volunteering

1) You are part of the Liverpool community.

2) You have been successful in business and want to pass on your know-how.

3) You have been unsuccessful in business and want to save others from making the same mistake.

4) You recognise the struggle local businesses have to survive in areas of deprivation?

5) You want to regenerate and help make your area of Liverpool more wealthy.

6) You have or know of resources that are sitting vacant and can offer the use of these to those who don't have access to them.

7) You are nearing retiring or are an expert in your field and want to impart your skills and knowledge on a new generation.

8) You represent an organisation or charity that offer similar or complementary services and want Dream High to support you.

9) You connect with the success stories that are within this website and realise everyone is pulling in the same direction for a better future.

10) Its the right thing to do.