Financial management

Financial support for your business is one of the three key elements your business will need to ensure its survival. In business, 'cash is king' and if you don't have the money to pay your bills one month then you won't be able to operate at full capacity. Cash flow can be the single most important factor for your business's survival. Appreciating the full costs of running your business from the price of electricity to your marketing budget provides huge advantages to running a successful business. Appreciation of your business costs will influence the price you charge for your expertise or the product that you sell.

Not every business person has a desire to know the ins and outs of finance and this is where Dream High's financial support can help. We have accountants and bookkeepers that offer free and confidential advice whether you are just starting out, in financial dire straits or need some advice - there are people via Dream High that will help you through these barriers and get you focused on what needs to be done.

It might be that you are facing a hurdle, such as not having a bank account, Dream High have contacts within the national and local banks and can help you get one, even if you have struggled in the past to get an account. We will talk you through every step of the way and its 100% confidential. Dream High's financial support is not about us giving money away but its aligning your business to the realities of your costs to be in business. We do however, have great links to other local business support services that offer, start-up grants, loans and a range of funding.