About Dream High:

Dream High is a support organisation for aspiring business people in Liverpool. Our purpose is simple:

"We offer 100% confidential support for your business or business idea and we fit around you and your needs to achieve it. We use a simple model for business growth that gets you focused on the priorities you have and help you fulfill them to achieve your dream. Our core belief is the 'passion' of an individual or group of individuals has will drive their business forward. We exist purely to signpost, facilitate requests for information, resource, problem solving. Whatever hurdle you face we can offer a solution".


Who are we?

We operate across Liverpool and employ one person, Debbie Elliot-Brown. Debbie provides clients with one to one support which is person-centred, goes at their pace, and is delivered where they feel comfortable - often in the local cafe or community centre.

Using a simple model that focuses on the business skills needed for success, called the Trinity of Management, Debbie identifies where clients need the most support to achieve their dream. The panel are community and business people just like you, local people who live, work or have ties to the Liverpool Community and want to continue supporting its success.


What is it we are doing?

We are helping new businesses get off the ground and helping existing businesses get to their next level. How? We introduce a simple model of organisation to your business that focuses on your business' finance, marketing and what it is your are in business for i.e. the product or service.

Why are we doing it?

We are helping our local economy develop through the trade that's created. We are developing links, ties and relationships that we hope will bring wealth and prosperity, opportunities to promote and make best use of the rich assets of this community

How we are doing it?

We employ one person, supported by a group of people from all walks of life. Debbie works in the community her office is where ever convenient to meet you, for example, the local cafe. We don't go in for any formality - we are only interested in you and getting your business on track. Debbie has bags of experience and what she doesn't know, Debbie can rest assured that her panel of 80+ volunteers will. Together they have assisted over 1,000 individuals and businesses over the past 5 years...

Each month this group of people, friends, businesses, local community leaders, residents i.e. your community get together to share their knowledge to help make your business work for you... read more about the people supporting your community (Usually 20 or 30 of us get together every month and another 40 or so volunteer to be called on if we think they could help someone who the group that meets can't).

Prove it?

We have, can, and will again, probably with someone you know! If you want to get your idea or business off the ground and make it sustainable contact Debbie, she’s ready to help. Dream High have proved they can do it for others and will do it for you.. Read more about the businesses in your community that have benefited from and supported by Dream High.


What are our origins:

Dream High can help you turn your business dreams into reality. Our enterprise facilitator Debbie, will help guide you through the first steps of creating a new business venture, and with a panel of some 80 strong board members, including some of Liverpool's most prominent business people, you'll get the best advice and support available - and its 100% free.